The Shape of Relations

Financial Calendar

Please see below our key dates

Upcoming Events Date
Past Events Date
Announcement of Interim Results23 Jul 2019
Final dividend payment date04 Jul 2019
Record date for final dividend24 May 2019
Ex-dividend date for final dividend23 May 2019
Annual General Meeting 201909 May 2019
Announcement of 2018 final results05 Mar 2019
Interim dividend paid06 Nov 2018
Last date for SCRIP elections16 Oct 2018
Record date for interim dividend28 Sep 2018
Ex-dividend date for interim dividend27 Sep 2018
Announcement of Interim Results24 Jul 2018
Final dividend paid05 Jul 2018
Record date for final dividend25 May 2018
Annual General Meeting 201824 May 2018
Ex-dividend date for final dividend24 May 2018
Announcement of 2017 final results06 Mar 2018